Atlético de Madrid – Sevilla, live | The tie remains in a match with few chances

This is a game with few opportunities so far. Only Álvaro Morata had the opportunity to give his team the lead in the first minutes, but his header passed through the hands of Nyland. Atlético de Madrid face Sevilla in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey. The elimination of the top three places in La Liga, Girona, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​opened the possibility of dreaming of the Cup to other teams that have not been completely consistent this season, like these two teams: The Colchoneros are in Champions League positions, but it has been difficult for them to pick up wins this year, while Sevilla are in danger at the bottom of the league table. The Copa del Rey is a tournament of its own and both teams will be looking to take an important step this evening, first looking to the semi-finals and then competing for the trophy in early April.

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