Biden easily wins Nevada primary | International

President Joe Biden won tonight’s Nevada primary, the third stage of the internal presidential election. The president easily defeated 11 candidates who challenged his candidacy. Best known among her rivals is Marianne Williamson, a self-help author who was once Oprah Winfrey’s spiritual advisor. This afternoon, he obtained 88% of the votes. With his victory this Tuesday, Biden adds 36 delegates, which places him with 91 in the race for 1,968 delegates. Next up for the 81-year-old politician is the Michigan primary on February 27.

Nikki Haley, the Republican presidential candidate, was defeated in a symbolic primary. The former South Carolina governor received 32% of the vote AND was surpassed by those who marked the “none of the previous candidates” option, who received 61%. His defeat is symbolic. The right-wing party will hold a caucus on Thursday where delegates to the presidential candidacy will be at stake. Haley decided to skip the state entirely to focus on upcoming primaries, including South Carolina and Super Tuesday on March 5.

This Tuesday, Biden beat contenders with varied histories in the primaries. They include Stephen Lyons, a Maryland plumber; Brent Foutz, who lost the 2020 local Senate election; Armando Pérez-Serrato, who also wanted to become governor of California in 2022 (he then obtained 0.6% of the vote); Mark Prascka, a Philadelphia-based filmmaker; Frankie Lozada, who campaigned in New York for a congressional seat in 2022; financier Jason Palmer and Superpayaseria Crystalroc, a mysterious Idaho-based candidate with an eyebrow-raising name and no Internet presence.

Candidates had to obtain at least 15% of the vote at the state level to qualify for a delegate. Only Biden has overcome this barrier in an entity with 2.3 million voters. Nearly nine in 10 people live in Nevada’s two most densely populated areas, Las Vegas and Reno. The party’s primaries called for everyone registered to be registered in the Democratic Party census. These represent 31%. Republicans have 28% and independents about 34%. Nevada laws allow for some flexibility in the process, as they allow for same-day registration and even changing party registration on Election Day.

Biden arrived in Nevada on Sunday for two days of campaigning. During his brief visit, he made it clear that he was not calling for this Tuesday’s vote, but was already starting to focus on the fall battle. At a fundraising event in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, the president reviewed the mistakes and errors of the man who will surely be his rival in the November election, Donald Trump. In a closed-door event, Biden recalled how Trump described as hostages those who were prosecuted for the storming of the Capitol, his mockery of veterans and dead soldiers and his desire to become a ” dictator” if it goes to the Whites. Home. .

“Imagine the nightmare that a second Trump administration would be,” Biden said Sunday evening at a rally in a black neighborhood in Las Vegas. “You are the reason we will make Donald Trump a loser again,” the president added to one of his strongest voter bases.

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Biden attended an event hosted by the tourism workers union on Monday. The hospitality industry was key to Biden’s victory in 2020, who won Nevada by a margin over Trump of less than 3%. Maintaining support will be vital for Democrats in the fall elections. “I came to thank you for the support you have given me and the support I hope you will give me. And thank you for having faith in unions,” Biden assured members of an organization that represents 60,000 casino and hotel workers on the famous Strip. Unions this week reached an agreement with employers who avoided a midweek strike where the city will host the Super Bowl, the American football final.

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