Bluesky, one of X’s main competitors, is now accessible without invitation | Technology

When it launched last year, BlueSky was invite-only. Starting this Tuesday, it is open to anyone wishing to create an account. Its appearance and operation are modeled on those of X, formerly Twitter, with one caveat: it is open source. After opening, BlueSky remained unavailable for a few hours: “We are seeing many new registrations and some servers have reached their capacity limit. » » announced the platform. On this social network, you can find EL PAÍS via this link:

The network was born from an idea in 2019 by Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and then executive chairman. Its intention was to create a decentralized social network. The initiative began within Twitter, but in 2021 it became independent with Jay Gruber as executive chairman. This decision saved the network from possible closure following the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk.

According to its own figures, Bluesky now has 3.6 million accounts, not all of them active. A page that updates Bluesky data daily shows the February 6 jump. The figure is very far from the 130 million Threads, the alternative to X created by Meta. X said late last year that it had 500 million users, although it’s unclear whether different networks use the same metrics to define what a user is.

The big difference with Bluesky is that it operates on an open and decentralized protocol. This system allows its users to create or adopt their own versions of the network, with a tailor-made algorithm. In one of his last messages, he publicly thanks to the different developers some news On the platform. The idea is similar to one already used by another X competitor, Mastodon.

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