Doornekamp eliminates Copa del Rey champion with three free kicks |  Basketball |  Sports

Doornekamp eliminates Copa del Rey champion with three free kicks | Basketball | Sports

Doornekamp eliminates Copa del Rey champion with three free kicks |  Basketball |  Sports

Copa del Rey – pieces – business day 1


Lenovo Tenerife

The champion Unicaja said goodbye at the first opportunity, anemic at home trying to green the laurel and unable to stop the sharpshooter Doornekamp. Jauja for Tenerife, who won the jackpot in the repeat of the previous year’s final.

The match started in the strangest way possible, as the referee called a personal foul from Diop during the initial jump on Sima. Never seen. Although that wouldn’t be the only thing that had fans rubbing their eyes, as the duel on the hardwood quickly became a battle of triples, a fringe-to-periphery, take-this-give-me-that brawl. What Doornekamp did to pop, there was no stopping. Only in this way can we understand that of the first 30 points of the match, 24 came from this triple chance. Or that in the first quarter, as many as 11 three-pointers were scored; none were more successful than Doornekamp (3 of 3) or Osetkowski (3 of 4). But Perry and Taylor on one side and Fitipaldo on the other joined in a festival that delighted Martín Carpena, where it resulted in a prolonged ohhh of disbelief. Slaps everywhere and for everyone, 26-26 after the first quarter.

The pace was unbearable and so the wrists were starting to creak. The challenge had to change third and appeared Marcelinho, the youngest man, 40 years old who seems to be 20 because he has a lot of agility, legs and address. Under his leadership, Tenerife tried to escape, always with Shermadini as a beacon under the hoop and with a very aesthetic guy, determined to do the most difficult, and also capable. But the ring no longer hugged the ball but became narrower. A condition which Unicaja, catapulted by the fervor of the stands, by the unconditional encouragement, was able to take advantage of. Perry played from his trampoline – his jumps were numerous –, Djedovic said his in the bottle and Osetkowski made it clear that he was in turmoil, that if necessary he carried the team on his back. And with that, enriched by an additional triple from Djedovic at the buzzer, it was enough for Malaga to arrive at the halfway point with an advantage (49-45).

The shock would, however, have more twists and turns in the storyline. Because Ejim and Kravish implemented Unicaja 10 while Carpena’s foundations were shaking. This was not the case for Doornekamp, ​​​​who scored with two more triples, punctuated by spectacular baskets from Guy and Shermadini, with a streak of 0-12. Once the bleeding was stopped by Sima, the exchanges of blows continued, the alternation on the scoreboard and, of course, the show of Doornekamp, ​​who with a six from six from the three-point line threatened the shared record of triples in the Cup: Epi (7/10 in 1987), Toolson (7/11 in 1995) and Vasileiadis (7/12 in 2011). Overall, 65-66 at the end of the third episode and with everything to decide.

Shermadini had something, a lot to say, a king of painting. Kravish was not going to stay silent; On the contrary, he asked for noise with his baskets. Marcelinho is already old enough to be told to shut up, network after network. Perry was also not up to the bagpipes and Doornekamp did not speak in three but he did so with some applause and Cook with a companion who took away the hiccups. Enough to put Unicaja on the ropes and tell them that their Cup no longer belonged to them.

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