Elon Musk, along with other conservative “influencers”, among the most corrected accounts for misinformation on their own social network | Technology

Community Notes is a community moderation system from X (formerly Twitter) written and evaluated by its users. When a message is false or questionable, a post written by a volunteer corrects or contextualizes it. Only notes that receive fair votes from their editors are published. This week, a user created, with data from the first ranking of the 200 most corrected accounts. This would be the equivalent of the biggest misinformants tracked down in Elon Musk’s network.

Musk himself appears in 27th place, with 60 corrections. “Community ratings apply equally to all accounts on this platform without exception, including world leaders and our largest advertisers,” Musk said, and he seems to be true to his word. First place with 244 articles goes to a Brazilian online media, I fell. It’s the only account that doesn’t post in English among the top 40 on the list. Your case is special because I fell was allegedly involved in the suicide of a young Brazilian woman before Christmas. Since then, this note appears in each of his messages: “With more than 30 million followers, I fell contributed to the death of a girl and is treating it like nothing happened by simply deleting the posts. “Jessica’s death cannot be forgotten.”

After I fellthe next ranked are influencers conservatives, anonymous accounts with anti-political or anti-Western biases, and native network media that attempt to make any content go viral, whether more or less true. Among the top 10 are @Illuminatibot, far-right influencer Jackson Hinkle, a viral news outlet Strong daily, Ian Miles Cheong (conservative commentator with whom Musk interacts a lot) or @Sprinter00000 (account deleted by X and which has now changed the figures). Accounts created to exploit virality also appear at the top, such as World of Statistics, Drama Alert, Everything Out of Context or Historic Videos, or even questionable media like Visegrad 24 either Dexerto.

Community ratings focus on viral or highly visible posts. The list presents a clear bias in favor of accounts with several million followers, which are those that contribute most to the spread of fake news and are most exposed to information wars sparked between the network’s most active users.

Apart from I fell, the first non-English accounts are from an original Japanese media outlet, a Japanese congressman critical of the Ukrainian government after the Russian invasion, and another Brazilian media outlet about celebrities. In Spanish, the most corrected stories are those of Eduardo Menoni, a Venezuelan opinion leader who leads the Free Venezuela Movement, and the newspapers’ X accounts. ABC And The world (at positions 51 and 61, with 41 and 36 notes respectively). Online media also appears in Spanish The Punctual And News alert 24/7 and the influencers the far right Vito Quiles and Wall Street Wolverine.

The political accounts with the most corrections are those of the Russian Foreign Ministry and United States President Joe Biden. The traditional English media that appears at the top of the list is New York Post (29th place).

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