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Unicaja players celebrate a hat-trick against Nikola KalinicJorge Zapata (EFE)

Unicaja has written a new page in its history. Against Barcelona, ​​in a crowded Martín Carpena, Ibon Navarro’s men achieved their 12th consecutive victory, a new record for the Malaga club which is experiencing one of its best moments, second in the ACB and current champion of the Cut. Barça, immersed in a reconstruction which is not yet ready. Sixth defeat in nine games for Grimau’s team, making it difficult to qualify for the Copa del Rey as top seed.

The atmosphere at Carpena was a great evening. Nobody wanted to fall. Coach Sergio Scariolo, the coach with whom Unicaja achieved its previous record of 11 consecutive victories, did not want to miss the match. The meeting also had the intrigue of how Carpena would receive Brizuela, who was one of his emblems, now dressed at Barça. The Malaga pavilion gave him a standing ovation during the presentation of the teams, but the affection did not stop there. Once the match started, the green tide only pushed in their team’s favor.

Barça started the match more solidly, carried by a fiery Parra in the first quarter (11 points including three out of three triples). The Blaugrana won the first set with authority (19-26), but it was only a mirage. Between the doubts that the team had and Unicaja’s step forward, the peloton shifted and the storm broke. After a partial start of 10-2, Navarro’s men regained control of the match (29-28) and did not slow down until leaving Barça a good distance away (48-37 at half-time). Barça’s second quarter was unforgettable, with 7 turnovers and Laprovittola frustrated and penalized with a technical for a ball to Perry.

Martín Carpena was a cauldron that boiled when he realized that his team was not collapsing, but holding strong against the team that toppled him a few months ago in the semi-final of the ACB. Barcelona gritted their teeth, with Willy and Satoransky pulling the car, but they never got closer than 9 points. Seeing that victory was slipping away from them, the Blaugrana gave up and Unicaja made one last effort to certify the victory: +20 (89-69) one minute from the end.

End point for a 2023 dream for composers. Ibon Navarro’s men will claim second place in the ACB and reigning Cup champions. Barça, who will play against Monaco on Friday, still have a lot of work ahead of them for 2024.

Unicaja, 91 – Barcelona, ​​71

Unique: Perry (6), Taylor (12), Djedovic (-), Osetkowski (15), Kravish (6) – starting five – Ejim (5), Kalinoski (12), Díaz (4), Carter (8), Lima (-), Thomas (16), Sima (7).

Barcelona: Laprovittola (10), Satoransky (5), Parra (11), Parker (8), Vesely (11) – starting quintet – Da Silva (-), Pauli (-), Brizuela (5), Kalinic (8) , Hernangómez (9), Nnaji (-), Jokubaitis (4).

Referees: Emilio Pérez Pizarro, Rafael Serrano and Rubén Sánchez Mohedas

Partials: 19-26; 29-11; 21-23; 22-11

José María Martín Carpena Sports Palace: 10,681 spectators. 16th day of the Endesa League.

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