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THE statistics It is said that 40% of the population only cleans the floor when there is visible dust and dirt. But this perception is very relative: it is not the same in all materials nor in all colors, neither in the sun nor with a ceiling light. And my latest experience with a stick vacuum showed me that even when you think a surface is clean, you’re probably wrong.

At home, we periodically clean the floors: the robot vacuum cleaner passes through the entrance and kitchen every day and every other day throughout the house; and once a week we do a deep cleaning with a stick vacuum and mop. Therefore, I always felt that the floors in our house were always reasonably clean. Hence my surprised face when I tried the vacuum cleaner. Gen5 detectionDyson’s most powerful mop model yet, and I saw everything that was actually on the floor.

The key lies in one of its cleaning heads: it is the Fluffy Optic, which has a soft velvet brush and is characterized by the incorporation of a green light on one of its sides which illuminates the ground and makes even the smallest particle visible.

This isn’t the first vacuum cleaner to use lighting to make cleaning easier. In fact, there are several models on the market that incorporate LEDs in their heads (Conga RockStar 2700 Advance, Philips SpeedPro Max or Rowenta X-Force Flex 8.60, to cite a few examples). And it’s not even the first from Dyson to build on previous versions of this technology. But the evolution with the Gen5detect model is terrible.

On a technical level, there is not much information: the firm explains that it has been redesigned compared to previous versions so that it has twice as much brightness and covers a larger part of the surface of the ground and is designed to be located as low as possible on the head cover so that it only illuminates the dirt. In practice, in the head we only see that one side is somewhat different from the other and that there is a small light in the lower area. But nothing that particularly attracts attention if you don’t know what it is, until you press the start button on the vacuum cleaner: at that moment, it s automatically lights up like a green laser, extending from the side to the entire room. front area of ​​the field.

The light that shows everything

The fact that it is not centrally located or distributed throughout the head means that on the left side (looking from the front) the light is more powerful, although visibility in front of the entire vacuum cleaner is OK. And from the first time you try it, the amazement is obvious: it shows every hair, dust particle, lint or food residue; It even reveals traces that were previously completely invisible.

This, combined with great suction power (262 air watts), three modes of use and an autonomy that approaches the hour – depending on the mode selected and the head used – leaves the feeling that it is the ‘one of the vacuum cleaners with which we have ever achieved the greatest level of cleanliness, both on ceramic floors and on floor coverings and even in the car. It’s also one of the most expensive I’ve ever tried: its price is around 1,000 euros for the model that includes more brushes and accessories.

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