Liverpool is a storm that reigns over the Prime Minister | Soccer | Sports

If anyone needs to wake up to the calm of January 1, there is no better restorative than a match in which Liverpool play, champions of a style that Jürgen Klopp compared to Heavy metal. Guitars, bass and drums resonate every time networks They go on a rampage after several twists and turns, while Anfield goes crazy. There is no room for indifference in the face of exhibitions that combine effort, talent and frenzy. Also in the background is the scoreboard, which matters a lot. Even more so at the start of the year when they had the opportunity to climb to the most balanced ranking of the last two decades. Klopp’s team had to beat Newcastle to be the sole leader and distance Aston Villa by three points, Manchester City by five (who played one game less) and Arsenal, Tottenham by six… They won (4- 2) and he did it. with greatness and at the same time with difficulty, overcoming all kinds of failures. He left behind errors before the goal and a rival goalkeeper, the Slovakian Dubravka, in a state of grace. Liverpool are a joy for a neutral spectator, a pain in the ass for their rivals who they shake for an hour and a half.

It all happened in one of those bomb attacks that identify Klopp’s teams, a coach who is not in football to tiptoe around. 34 shots in 97 minutes prove that the tap was not turned off. 15 of those attempts came between the sticks. “I want to excite,” he warned when he became a strategist at Mainz. For better or for worse, Liverpool leaves no one indifferent because at least in this match against Newcastle all their exuberance in attack contrasted with their weakness in defense. Newcastle hit him twice, scored four goals, their goalkeeper saved a penalty, made prodigious interventions and the VAR had to calibrate to the millimeter to cancel Luis Díaz’s goal. Liverpool generated options to score a dozen goals, in several of them the poor goal of Darwin Núñez, who went to the rotten dugout just after the hour mark.

At half-time, the scoreboard showed two zeros after a succession of extraordinary events. Núñez repeatedly crashed into Dubravka, who saved a Salah penalty. The video referee disallowed a goal for each team. Alexander-Arnold placed an improbable shot, with no angle, on the crossbar. The goalless draw at half-time was undoubtedly a miracle and as soon as they returned to the pitch, everyone was faced with the reality that Liverpool were unstoppable. Salah redeemed himself with a magnificent goal scored in four passes, including a majestic one from Díaz to Núñez. Isak immediately equalized, so everything returned to the previous madness. Until Klopp maneuvered, he removed Díaz and Núñez from the field and called on Gakpo and Diogo Jota. The contribution of the Portuguese was essential. He’s not a talented or brilliant striker, but he knows the job like few others and knows how to get into the box when spaces are tight. It was the perfect room to find the switch that Núñez couldn’t find in its darkness.

Jota got stuck with Salah. Together they created a new advantage on the scoreboard, with the signing of Curtis Jones as a finisher. Shortly after, with fifteen minutes to go, Salah gave Gakpo another gift. Newcastle scored, but they were already an exhausted team, finally destroyed by a ball into space from McAllister which resulted in another penalty, now to Jota, which Salah did not hesitate against. The Egyptian is going to the African Cup. The League stops, but not the demand for Liverpool, who will travel to the Emirates next Sunday to play a Cup match against Arsenal. It seems predictable that it will be another festival.

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