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Euroleague business day twenty-one

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Valencia basket

Madrid resorted to extra time and solved it again, this time against Valencia, after a close match, but with too many stops. The final score only reflects Madrid’s success in the last two minutes, compared to Valencia’s lack of goals. The difference of ten points is not a reflection of what happened on the field. After the tribute to Llull, who has two nightly television news remaining to beat the record for triples held by Juan Carlos Navarro, after the four he achieved, the match turned against Valencia, who reigned in the light and in the index. Solid in defense, not allowing Madrid a second chance at the rebound, they regained confidence in the first quarter, during which Real missed eight of their ten triple attempts. Touré was in charge under the basket and Brandon Davies, through whom all the balls passed, walked with his happy wrist.

Real Madrid had to sweat in the next ten minutes to put things back into their natural order. After 16-28, which gave Valencia the maximum advantage, the orange attack faltered, when Tavares appeared in defense and a series of 10-2 put the white team within striking distance of their rival, although Valencia maintained a five-point lead at halftime. (35-40).

Then someone stepped on a wire, the WiZink’s clock stopped, and the poor pacing with which the game had been played up to that point was completely broken. The players, the youngest, froze in the party, and one who took advantage of Real Madrid, who, at 6.24 m, took the last minute to the end of the team, took (43-43) and took a minute longer to wait. from the front. These things tend to happen, as neither team could find the necessary rhythm, and the constant stoppages, added to the longer one due to the broken clock, did nothing. Although with little income, Chus Mateo’s team faced what, in theory, was going to be the last ten minutes, with a score in their favor.

Madrid improved over the minutes, but not enough to break away from a sometimes sticky and authoritarian Valencia. The final moments were really exciting. At 3.03, Jones scored a triple that gave the Mumbrú team the lead (70-73), but Tavares responded under the basket. With 1.28 on the clock, Sergio Llull stole the ball and launched a counterattack that ended with a triple with his personal best (77-75). Inglis responded, then Campazzo continued the exchange of blows with a triple (80-79) which made things very complicated for Valencia with four seconds remaining. They chose to foul, which was committed off the court, and at 3.1 seconds, another, in which Hezonja scored both free throws. It was even the most difficult for the visitors, who in such a short time created an action on Harper’s triple which equalized (82-82).

It was swimming to drown on the shore, because in extra time Valencia scored barely four points and their dream of being the first to defeat Madrid at WiZink did not come to fruition.

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