Michel: “Everyone saw it. It’s a VAR error” | Soccer | Sports

“This is how Madrid win,” Girona fans protested. VAR had taken center stage at Montilivi and fans remembered Real Madrid, the rivals of the red and white team at the top of the League table. During the first act, while Michel’s team dominated the game and the match, Yangel Herrera scored 1-0. Referee Gil Manzano validated the goal. However, as the Girona players celebrated with their supporters, the referee put his hand to his ear. From the VOR room, Del Cerro Grande indicated that there had been an offside at the start of the action. The problem was that 37 seconds had passed since Savinho’s poor position and Yangel Herrara’s goal. “40 seconds and three plays with changes of possession,” Michel complained. The red and white coach had no doubt: “Everyone saw it. This is a VAR error.

Michel, however, avoided naming the referee. “I don’t think the referee played a bad game. The mistake in this game was VAR’s, not the referee’s. A play cannot be re-refereeed 40 seconds later. If you start rewinding the whole match…” explained the red and white coach. But he underlined the controversy surrounding video refereeing, which has been at the forefront since Real Madrid’s controversial comeback against Almería. “Our league is a great league. I want to promote what all the teams do to offer you the best possible product. It hurts that there is a lot of noise about the referee’s face. We have to respect the competition a lot more, that’s what we’ve been taught since we were little,” said the Girona coach. “I don’t know. I don’t know what happened. And I’m not worried either,” downplayed Imanol Alguacil.

Michel, in any case, did not agree with his expulsion. “I was not disrespectful or insulting. It’s a very big punishment to miss two games. “I love being with my people and my players.” The referee’s report detailed: “Leaving the technical area and complaining several times about one of my decisions. »

After having finished listening to the television channels with rights and, now calmer, at the edge of the Montilivi pitch, the Girona coach blurted: “I simply can’t stand Imanol”. I was joking. The Girona coach had already seen Imanol Alguacil out of the corner of his eye. And when they passed each other, they kissed. The conversation lasted about five minutes. “I asked him when they were going to lose a match,” explained the Real Sociedad coach. “We commented that we enjoyed and suffered at the same time. We only have one challenge, which is good, and they are fighting in the League, the Cup and the Champions League. La Real is an impressive team,” admitted Michel.

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