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Vinicius, thorny question. A huge player and rebel for a cause, his excellence on the field and his combativeness off it are impoverished by behaviors that he does not correct. In Riyadh, he left us a hopeful statement: “Sometimes I talk too much or do dribbles that I shouldn’t do, but I’m here to improve. “Ancelotti and my teammates are teaching me.” But in the Metropolitan, he fell. They drove him crazy and he got tangled in the zaragatas.

It is true that once again, he had suffered intolerable insults upon his arrival at the camp. I suppose it’s hard to come to terms with it, but I would like to explain to you that you have won this battle in the long run. Since at Mestalla he pointed with his index finger at the one who was making monkey gestures from the anonymity of the stands, he has set in motion a wheel that is not going to stop.

His gesture spread around the world and put us in the spotlight as a racist country. Whether we are or not is something that is up for debate. There is everything in the vineyard of the Lord, of course, but in any case we can say that if we are not racist, at least we tolerate racism, as Javier Tebas was able to prove with his insistent complaints, for the most part with Vinicius as offended. Even Madrid himself did not join them, as his phobia of Thebes outweighed his interest in protecting his player. It only mobilized after the Mestalla index and the international reaction that followed. So yes. Then he organized a repair consisting of displaying it in the dressing room surrounded by white gentlemen in ties, displaying sympathetic faces.

Also instantly appeared, as if by magic, the Atlético Front supporters who had hung their doll on a bridge a week ago. It will no longer be easy for judges or referees, not even for the neighbors of those who utter racist insults, to look the other way. You have him to thank for that, but it’s hard to consider him Tommy Smith 2.0 as long as he continues to act like a child. There are few ways to stop a great player like him and in his case the most effective is to distract him from his task. The defender has it easy and he also has help from his bench, since he moves along the wing. He constantly falls into the trap, gets angry, loses concentration, argues with the bench, with the referee, with the lineman. He gets angry, stops playing and takes cards.

They will tell me that they hit him. Of course yes, and more than others, because he is one of the best. This has always happened to attackers and it will happen to them. This has happened and will happen to many Madrid strikers, where almost all of them have been, are and will be good, but that’s what the referee is for and if he fails you or you think he fails you, the solution is not to lose. your head. I have seen very beaten attackers in Madrid since Amancio, sixty years ago. No one has been so distracted or wasted so much energy in discussions with the rival benches, where now there are always eight of them scolding him.

Madrid lost to Atlético thanks to a superb goal from Griezmann, which Vinicius continued. They could have knocked him down before reaching the box, as they often do with him, but he was booked for giving the referee a hard time on behalf of the ball boys. A free card. He is not up to these things. That’s what the captain or coach is for.

Ancelotti advises him well. His colleagues advise him well. The fight against racism is well underway and you can be sure that this merit will be recognized. Those who do him no good are those who help him feel like a victim, because they encourage him to maintain the vicious circle: they insult me ​​and hit me, then I make a mistake; I’m wrong, then they hit me and insult me…

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