Red Bull suspends employee who accused Christian Horner of harassment |  Formula 1 |  Sports

Red Bull suspends employee who accused Christian Horner of harassment | Formula 1 | Sports

Red Bull suspends employee who accused Christian Horner of harassment |  Formula 1 |  Sports

As expected, the episode that made Christian Horner, the director of Red Bull, receive more attention than Max Verstappen, the current Formula 1 world champion, during the first round of the World Championship, will feature more chapters. The latest, just a week after Horner was officially acquitted following his own team’s investigation into an accusation of harassment received from an employee. This same Thursday, with all the paddock installed on the Jeddah circuit, where the second event on the calendar takes place this Saturday, revealed that the energy company suspended from work the worker who accused the British leader. “We are unable to make any comment as this is an internal matter,” a Red Bull spokesperson responded. Sports car asked for a reaction from the structure.

This is the latest twist in a scenario with which Netflix is ​​rubbing its hands, and which leaves traces of activity in the background, even if Red Bull is a protagonist in both areas. The champion team is going through a very soft moment on a sporting level, but it is under surveillance due to the management of the personnel who work there. Outbursts from Helmut Marko, one of the leading authorities on the Austrian company’s Formula 1 division, are frequent, and now it is Horner, or his ways, that are being called into question.

A day after Red Bull concluded the investigation into alleged harassment was unfounded, several anonymous email accounts sent a case, with more than seven dozen documents, with screenshots of alleged WhatsApp conversations between Horner and another person, as well as several photos of the former pilot. The manager then reaffirmed his innocence: “I will not make any comment regarding anonymous speculation. But I reiterate that I have always denied these accusations.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, said after the championship premiere in Bahrain that Red Bull risked splitting in two if Horner didn’t step away. “The team is going to explode. (Horner) is interpreting the victim’s paper, which is what created the problems”, says Verstappen, al Daily Mail. This miércoles, in the previa of the career in Saudi Arabia, was preguntó al actual campeón by the comments of his father. “I have a very close relationship with him. I didn’t ask him directly, but my father is a very open and sincere person, and he is certainly not a liar,” Mad Max pointed out.

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