The Corner of Immortals (chess videos): A gem by Patricia Llaneza | The corner of the immortals

Good tactics books, like General treatise on chess (volume II), by Roberto Grau, emphasize that to find difficult combinations quickly and accurately, one must first imagine the final position typical of the corresponding tactical issue. If you learn this method well, the most difficult combinations become almost crystal clear. This is the case of this video which is in any case exceptionally beautiful, in addition to its great educational value.

The author of this work of art is the international teacher Patricia Llaneza (Oviedo, 1979), residing in Barcelona for many years. Spanish women’s champion in 2006 and member of the national team a dozen times, she won the individual bronze medal at the Chess Olympiad in Bled (Slovenia) in 2002. She remains very active, both in competition than on social networks.