The solution for the semi-final between Mallorca and Real Sociedad remains for Anoeta | Soccer | Sports

Neither Mallorca nor Real Sociedad were able to score in the first leg this Tuesday, so the solution to the sudoku posed by Aguirre and Alguacil will be known at Anoeta. There is still no finalist, after 96 minutes of struggle in Palma de Mallorca.


Dominik Greif, Copete, Valjent, Jaume Costa, Giovanni González, Nastasic, Samuel Costa (Omar Mascarell, min. 90), Darder (Manu Morlanes, min. 76), Dani (Antonio Sánchez, min. 77), Cyle Larin (Radonjic , min. 76) and Abdón Prats (Muriqi, min. 66)


Remiro, Hamari Traore, Javi Galán, Le Normand, Zubeldia, Martín Zubimendi, Merino (Beñat Turrientes, min. 89), Brais, Barrenetxea (Jon Magunacelaya, min. 89), Sadiq (André Silva, min. 77) and Take Kubo


Arbitrator Alejandro Muniz Ruiz

Yellow cards Copete (min. 46), Zubeldia (min. 55), Dani (min. 68), Merino (min. 80), André Silva (min. 95) and Jaume Costa (min. 96)

The Son Moix fireworks did not continue on the grass. The day before many. Mallorca, convinced of its role as contender, against the Basque favorite, was better off a sandpaper match, to neutralize the talent of Real Sociedad, then run, and for the Donostiarras the open game, the exuberance, but their rival was not disposed to the bubbles of a realistic champagne football. They offered vinegar in return, and that’s how the first half went, as Mallorca’s iron pressure in midfield left Real feeling uneasy, unable to combine , except in sporadic actions, with Kubo, an old acquaintance of the island, who was closely monitored.

The local team moved closer not to open the spaces that the inhabitants of San Sebastián need and take advantage of so well, so that the game, sometimes rough, with some skirmishes that did not go any further, the edges of the areas have become diluted. It was Mallorca who understood the situation best, and Abdón Prats took advantage of his team’s best chance after a run from Dani Rodríguez on the right, and a cross to the penalty spot, which his teammate finished quickly, all near the stick.

It had been almost half an hour and, even if the popular fervor was still intact, the entire stands were beginning to resign themselves to a tough match. Real, despite its insistence in the opposing field, only managed to create an opportunity after a cross with the outside of Barrenetxea, the most inspired of the blue and white ranks, then with Sadiq, who in the second half was going become a machine. After missing chances, he made his first attempt with a header that went high.

Mallorca lost vigor in the second half, as the energy to go out for everything was not the same as in the first half, then Real found more possibilities to do their usual job, although he still had fuel left, the local team managed to give Abdón another chance, still with Dani Rodríguez as his partner. It was unintentionally, due to poor control, that Prats fell, but his shot went close to the post.

Then it was Real Sociedad who found a way to scare Greif, and he didn’t score because Sadiq wasn’t having his day. Barrenetxea did everything right, but his teammate insisted on wasting the candy given to him by the best player of the match. The first time, he headed towards the back line and the Nigerian, on the edge of the small area, saw the ball hit him in the stomach and go out. A little later, it was Brais who shot hard, Greif and Sadiq parried the rebound, but sent it into the side of the net.

With many minutes remaining, Sadiq once again managed to give his team the lead. This time, it was Kubo, the only time he was able to escape the strict marking to which he was subjected, who went up the line, sent him to his teammate, who two meters from the goal, instead of pushing him into the net, did the same, more complicated, and sent it over the crossbar.

Aguirre realized that his team was running out of steam, so he put new legs on the grass, and with this maneuver, and with Real a little more tired, he balanced the game almost until the end, despite the harassment of San Sebastian in the final minutes, but without spaces to be able to enjoy it. The score has not been released, so the resolution of the thriller is left to the Reale Arena.

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