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There is no team more unfortunate than Almería, who got a draw against the formidable Athletic. But it was in the 88th minute that he had the best chance to win, when, with one player less on the pitch and his rival knocked down, he launched a counter-attack, led to perfection by Melero. His filtered pass was controlled by Maresi, for whom Unai Simón got so big that he tried to finesse too much and his shot grazed the outside post. Despite this, the Andalusian team did not achieve its first victory of the season.


Luis Maximiano, Álex Centelles (Bruno Langa, min. 65), Aleksandar Radovanovic, Edgar González, Marc Pubill, Dion Lopy (Gonzalo Melero, min. 47), Sergio Arribas (Embarba, min. 66), Ramazani, Iddrisu Baba, Lucas Robertone and Lozano (Marezi, minute 66)


Unai Simón, Aitor Paredes, Yuri, De Marcos, Yeray, Vesga (Ander Herrera, min. 66), Williams, Unai Gómez, Ruiz de Galarreta (O. Sancet, min. 66), Berenguer (Malcom Adu, min. 73) and Villalibre (Raúl García, min. 45)


Arbitrator Victor García Verdura

Yellow cards Ramazani (min. 26), Marc Pubill (min. 33), O. Sancet (min. 84) and Gonzalo Melero (min. 89)

Athletic wanted to impose its hierarchy from the start, but Almería immediately presented a reactive team, which tempered the visitors’ impulses in three consecutive finishes, to respond to the two that Bilbaons had on separate shots from outside of the surface. Of course, Garitano’s team, as its ranking indicates, is not very skilled when it comes to tightening the screws on its rival, although, after the long injury of Luis Suárez, it finally could count on a specific center forward, Choco Lozano, in his team. alignment.

Almeria’s momentum faded as the first half progressed and Athletic regained control of the match, but lacked strength in midfield, where Vesga and Unai Gómez circulated imprecise with the ball at their feet and their errors had repercussions on the distribution to the ball. hot zone. Despite everything, Iñaki Williams was able to carry out an action which resulted in a pass towards Villalibre. Maximiano covered the gap well with his shot, and Valverde’s men had the best chance to score from a Paredes header, after a corner that the Almería keeper volleyed wide of the post.

Then Lozano responded with another shot, very centered, easy for Unai Simón. The first half ended with this scare for Athletic, and the second began with a bigger one for Almería, who found themselves with ten, after Ramazani’s second yellow card for an attack on De Marcos, which he would have could ignore. It was almost a self-expulsion.

Garitano then ordered the lines to be delayed and Almería did very well, conceding very little to Athletic, who were playing at a slower pace than usual, as if the changes in the squad did not suit them too much . In any case, the Bilbao team boxed their rival in the area and bombarded from the wings.

Their best chance came when Raúl García’s header hit the post. Almost in the next game, Almería managed to win the match on the counterattack, but that could not be the case this time either.

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