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It was Elizabeth II who said at the time that you had to see it to believe it. The presence of the monarch, along with senior members of the Windsor family, at hundreds of public events across the UK is essential to keeping the institution’s sentimental connection with citizens alive. Buckingham Palace has been responsible for repeating these days that the cancer diagnosed in Charles III and his treatment, which began this Monday, do not require the activation of any replacement constitutional mechanism. But doctors’ recommendation to avoid in-person events in the coming months has brought the Prince of Wales, William of England, heir to the throne, to the forefront.

This Wednesday, he participated in an awards ceremony at Windsor Castle and the day ended with his presence at the annual gala of the London Air Ambulance, dedicated to raising funds for this institution. British media were convinced that William would use this event to refer to his father’s diagnosis. “I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the kind messages of support for Catherine (Kate Middleton) and my father, especially over the last few days. They mean a lot to all of us,” he said in a speech that he tried to temper with a dose of humor. “You could say that the last few days have focused on a medical aspect. So I had the idea of ​​attending an Air Ambulance gala to get away from all that a little,” he quipped. William of England was a pilot for two years in this medical air service.

The Prince of Wales announced in mid-January his desire to take a break from his public commitments to be able to take care of his children and his wife, Kate Middleton, still recovering from abdominal surgery which kept her hospitalized for two weeks and This will keep her away from her duties as an important member of the royal family, at least until Easter.

The shocking change in the monarch’s health, however, once again imposed on William the obligations expected of him as heir to the crown. And the predictable increase in her public presence will remind many of her father’s own presence in the months following the pandemic, when Elizabeth II began having “mobility issues.” They are completely different situations at first. Charles III’s cancer (Buckingham Palace did not want to specify what type it was) was detected “at a very early stage”, as British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak revealed to the BBC. The monarch maintains a “positive attitude” towards his treatment, which is why he will continue to attend to the usual business of state (reading daily reports or weekly meetings with Sunak).

In any case, the new situation has an unexpected effect. If Charles III had insisted, during his 18 months of reign, on being a very active monarch, with an eventful agenda and direct contact with the people, the treatment of cancer slowed his momentum. And this will allow William to begin to show, well before his father’s turn, when he was heir to the Prince of Wales, what the forms, attitude and priorities of the future monarchy will be.

account The Daily Telegraph that Charles III gave permission to his son and heir to continue to focus his attention on his three children and his wife, although he had to bring forward his public reappearance to attend the planned events. The Prince of Wales’s main aims, through his own foundations, are the defense of the environment and the protection and assistance of the homeless. With them, their main task is to help the monarch in whatever he needs. The new reality has made this second obligation take precedence over the previous ones.

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Enrique’s fleeting visit

As soon as his father informed him of the diagnosis over the phone, Prince Harry boarded a private plane to fly immediately from Los Angeles to London. The second son of Charles III became almost irretrievably estranged from his family after deciding to abandon public office and retire to live in California with his wife, Meghan Markle. His memories, Spare (in Spanish, In the dark), they sold more than three million copies worldwide and had numerous settling of scores with their father and brother Guillermo.

Charles III was able to see his newly arrived son for 30 minutes in London, before retiring and resting at his residence at Sandringham. There has been much speculation in the British tabloids about an illness-induced reunion (in many cases the reason the families are making peace), but given the brevity of the meeting and the fact that Enrique immediately returned to the States -United without exchange. a word with his brother William, everything suggests that the balsamic effect of the king’s illness, which has aroused so many wishes in the United Kingdom and throughout the world, is not capable of going so far as to reconcile two brothers deeply estranged in their relationships. affection and in their respective destinies.

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